Meet Our Team

Walter Morgan
(Owner and Professional Pet Stylist)


I love and care for your pups just like my own

Dogs are my passion! I can remember being seven years old and begging my parents to let me walk the dogs, give them baths or just to let me brush them. I wasn’t sure how I was going to turn my passion into a career, but I was determined to do so as I got older. At the age of 16, I went to grooming school and have since then worked under some of the top groomers in the state. After working for others for almost 11 years, I decided it was time to build my own brand. Thus, Walt’s Perfect Pups came to life. I have 17 years of experience and accept all breeds of dogs… I look forward to meeting you and your precious pup!

Shawn Barnard
( Professional Pet Stylist)

“Hello! My name is Shawn Barnard. I’ve grown up in Oklahoma my entire life. Some hobbies of mine are working out, creating art, thrift shopping and working with all the pups! I graduated from Norman High School in 2017. I played football, ran track and wrestled which I really enjoyed while growing up. After high school I got a job with Walter bathing dogs for a couple of years through a mutual friend. I really enjoyed it and watching Walter groom dogs inspired me to want to do the same because it really helps the the dogs healthcare and makes them feel better. Knowing I had a chance to help with dogs overall healthcare, I just knew I had to learn how to become a groomer! Fast forward a couple of years, and my dream is coming true. Getting to work alongside Walter, not just as an assistant, but as a fellow groomer is a major accomplishment of mine. I hope to meet you and your fur baby soon, and if I do, thank you for trusting me with your pup!!!”


We've got lots of happy pups and owners


About 7 years ago, I was taking my two dogs, Rusty and Koda to Petco to be groomed. All of the employees there were super nice, and they did a great job, but the dogs always seemed to have anxiety when it was time to get groomed. Until the day I noticed that when Walter groomed them, they seemed less anxious when I picked them up. I started asking specifically for Walter to groom them when I made the appointment. This made a world of difference, especially with Rusty, our mini-Australian shepherd. Koda, our Siberian husky loves everyone and he always seemed to do fine but I could tell he absolutely loved Walter. However, when Walter decided to start his own mobile grooming business, I was so excited because I knew that be even better for Rusty and his anxiety. Rusty and Koda now enjoy the seeing Walter, and they never have to leave the comfort of our home. It’s a win-win for all of us.

I was also very happy when I learned that Walter had a private boarding option. I travel for work, and my husband and I travel frequently, so it’s reassuring to know that they are in the best hands possible when we are gone for a few days. Once, several years ago I had to board Rusty, and it was a total disaster. He ended up having to stay at the Vet hospital for several days, and it was expensive and horrible. Walter has been a lifesaver for us. His house is their second home, I trust him entirely, and it’s evident that he adores animals. He has a true passion for his work and is 100% reliable. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that he loves and cares for my dogs just like we would. I highly recommend Walter Morgan for training, dog sitting, or grooming. I truly believe that you will receive the highest level of love, care and service for your fur family!


Our family has 3 Labradoodles and we have tried several different grooming services, but Walt’s Perfect Pups was our first time with a mobile groomer. His grooming trailer is spotless, unlike many others that you see, and his level of customer service is second to none. He meticulously cares for his dogs just as he does his grooming trailer. Walter takes his time and goes the extra mile with every dog he grooms.

Bottom line...We wouldn’t have anyone else groom our dogs! We know and trust that Walter will do a great job because he simply loves what he does. Walter truly cares for the dogs he grooms and they love him in return. Our Labradoodles get so excited when they see Walter!!


Our precious Sadie has been going to Walter for her monthly grooming since we moved to Norman in 2015. I wouldn't have anyone else touch my dog but him. He is so loving to her, making her look her best every time! Walter clearly loves what he does. It shows in his excellent customer service to his clients and their fur babies. I highly recommend him for your dog grooming needs, you will not be disappointed!!


We are extremely impressed with the wonderful care and grooming of our pets by Walt's Perfect Pups!!! Walt's treatment for shedding is highly effective!! We appreciate you Walt!!!